Finding the Best Place for Printer Repair in UK
There are few things more frustrating than 3D printer mishaps in the middle of a huge project. Because printing emergencies are sometimes unavoidable, having access to 3D printer repair services is a good precaution to take so you won’t have to endure long downtimes. But should you take your malfunctioning printer back to the original manufacturer, to an authorised local dealer, or to a dedicated repair shop?
3D Printing Machines in the UK – Useful Tips to Choose the Best
3D printing machines UK (or printer-bots as they are fondly referred to by users) are taking the market by storm, leaving hobbyists, product designers, manufacturing professionals, and curious individuals with countless options to choose from. The right machine you should buy largely depends on what you want to use the device for and the types of objects you want to produce.
Three Tips to Consider When Buying a Cheap 3D Printer
3D printers have gotten increasingly popular in the last decade. With better accessibility and greater availability, the industry is also enjoying more widespread acceptance not only in the manufacturing and product design fields but also in education. While 3D printers still have a long way to go before becoming household devices, hobbyists and enthusiasts comprise a good portion of its market. If you are looking for a cheap 3D printer to serve as a good entry-level machine as you discover the fun and exciting world of 3D printing, here are some major tips to help you make the right decision:
Replicator Mini+ Streamlines Desktop 3D Printing for Professionals and Educators
An update to the original Replicator Mini 3D printing machine from MakerBot, the Replicator Mini+ can easily be considered the best desktop 3D printer of its kind, offering a number of exciting enhancements that any 3D designer, product engineer, or creative minded hobbyist will appreciate.
Where to Look for the Best 3D Printer Supplies in the UK
Ever since Chuck Hull invented it, 3D printing has been taking the world by storm. It is now widely utilised by manufacturing industries for creating and replicating all kinds of products, including toys. 3D printers are also widely used in the fields of medicine, infrastructure, and food. Even hobbyists have them at home and use them for their personal projects.