Do I Need A 3D Printer?

The most common question we are asked by customers interested in 3D printing is

"How can I use a 3d printer in my business?"

Here are examples of industries where you will see our 3d printers:

From primary schools through to universities – 3d printers are becoming increasingly popular as well as necessary and is considered as the ‘latest technology’ by Ofcom. All of our 3d printers come with lesson plans to guide teachers on how they can include the use of 3d printers into the curriculum.

3d printers are not only used in obvious subjects such as design & tech, but we have teachers using their 3d printers in:

  • History – 3d printers can print objects in detail that can be analysed by students (such as pyramids or dinosaur bones) giving a new insight into learning
  • Geography – 3d printers can bring to life maps/countries as well as more difficult to understand geological forms
  • Many schools today decide to share the cost of a 3d printer across several departments as they can all benefit from this technology.

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 PS15 Education
 Nishuane CaseStudy

Designers have benefited hugely from easy-access to 3d printing. The typical process many designers go through includes:

  • Create a graphic of their design
  • Send it to a prototyping company to be brought to life: The process of sending the design and receiving a physical object can take weeks at a high cost (depending on size of the design)
  • After the first draft, normally further tweaks are made and this process is repeated several times until the final design has been created

Altogether, this can take 1-2 months and a sizeable cost (depending on the size of the design).

Using a 3d printer, a designer could print a 1st sample in a matter of hours or days. This would most probably cost them a few £s and then would allow them to make changes and print again quickly and easily. Altogether, they would be able to condense the entire prototyping process whilst saving money.

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When designing a building for a customer, what better way to show them how the building will look than printing a miniature version of it?

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 Matt Arch

We helped find a solution for a security company that wanted to use a 3D printer for prototyping the outer shroud/casing of their Alarm system for future designs or modifications and possibly looking into printing a bracket which will be used in the finished product to mount a circuit board on.

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 MakerBot Canary

Many hospitals now use 3d printers pre-surgery. For example, before surgery on a skull, a surgeon was able to 3d print the fractured skull and examine it in his hands. This meant he was able to notice any issues that might have only become apparent during the surgery, saving time and money.

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 The Holly Private Hospital

We have seen an increased number of sports looking to 3d printing in order to be more cost-effective and efficient. Most recently, racing teams have been inspired to use Stratasys 3d printers.

We have also had requests from hockey and lacrosse manufacturers who want to explore the use of 3d printing within sport

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 String Kings

We recently worked with a satellite company who wanted to print miniature models of their satellites for an exhibition. There next step is to see whether they will be able to use 3d printing to print spare parts for their actual satellites.

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 Lockheed Martin

Our 3d printers have been used to create props for film and theatre! They can be printed easily and cost-effectively