Encrypted Portable Storage – The Right Storage for Data

For all the convenience they provide, portable storage devices can similarly pose dangers for their users, such as the risk of exposure or loss of confidential, sensitive data when they are misplaced or stolen. Data breaches like these are not only costly—they can also be damaging on both personal and organisational levels. This is why it is critical to take steps in protecting your portable storage devices and keeping their contents safe and secure even as they get carried around.


As people choose to digitise their entire lives and store more data on their portable computers and storage devices, organizations become more susceptible to data breaches. Letting your employees use flash memory sticks and large-capacity portable storage devices—even though they are convenient and cheap to buy—opens your business up to risks. Because these portable devices can carry important databases and other sensitive or confidential information, they pose real risk of data misuse and major information breaches, or even highly-damaging negative publicity. A majority of individual users and companies don’t realise just how easily any deleted file from any mechanical storage device can be retrieved just by using off-the-shelf recovery software. If you are serious about improving security, it’s time to look into data encryption.


Encrypting data especially on portable storage devices is your safety net against potentially costly, damaging, or embarrassing data breaches should sensitive data from these devices get discarded or sold off. Reconstitution and recovery of encrypted data is a highly involved process that requires original credentials of the data owner or sometimes, even a copy of a decryption key. Encrypting storage devices is a great way to safeguard your data against breaches. While it may seem like a complex process, it is one of the best ways to secure data and it can be done using fairly simple methods that any IT technician or even someone with a good handle of technology can perform.  

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