There are a lot of differences between the quality of filament, which influences the quality of the final product. Providing a high quality is very important for dddrop and therefore we sell our own 3D printing filament. In this way we can quarantee the best printing conditions for a great price: good value for money.

Currently dddrop sells the filaments PLA, ABS, PET-G, PET-G Carbon, PA-12 (Nylon), PP (Polypropylene), PC (Polycarbonate), TPU (flex), WOOD, and support filaments HIPS and PVA. This is offered in a variety of colours with a diameter of 1.75 mm filament. The infographic shows the differents between the dddrop filaments.

By the purchase of dddrop 3D filament, you will:

  • Receive all print settings for each type of filament
  • Save time
  • Ensure the best printing results