Find Easy to Use Plug-and-Play CraftBot 2 3D Printers Online

Just when you thought 3D printers couldn't get any better - CraftBot 2 came onto the scene. This device has all the benefits of the latest advancements in 3D printing in terms of connectivity, productivity, and ease of use. Like CraftBot Plus, CraftBot 2 is ready to be used out of the box because all parts are attached. Once you unbox the printer and plug it in, you are ready to start your printing projects.

CraftBot 2 has addressed all the various issues of the previous versions. Look closely and you will immediately see a difference in built and structure, which is noticeably sturdier and more durable. This means that you can print more things continuously without experiencing downtime.

But what people really like about this printer is its wireless connectivity. By connecting the printer to Wi-Fi, you can manage your printing jobs through an application installed on your computer device. In other words, you can modify settings such as the resolutions, thickness, and heating, without connecting a USB cable. However, you can still do these things in the usual wired manner if you are not used to wireless printing, of course.

You can buy CraftBot 2 3D printers from CraftUnique, which is the manufacturer that is based in Hungary. However, the problem with buying directly from the manufacturer is the inconvenience of ordering from overseas. Since the printer will come from another country, you have to pay taxes and shipping fees - not to mention endure a long wait time.

It’s always more practical to buy 3D printer from secondary printing stores or resellers because they are operating locally in the UK. Buying locally allows you to enjoy maintenance contracts, after-sales technical support, and technical backup since your retailer is easy to reach. You can either give them a call or drop by their local stores when you encounter problems with your printer. 

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