Find the Best Affordable 3D Printer for Professional Use

It was relatively unknown beyond professional communities some 10 years ago, but now, 3D printing is taking the world by storm. No longer is it just a ‘futuristic’ concept—it is now a reality. 3D printing machines used to be awfully expensive but they have since become more accessible and affordable for all kinds of users. In professional circles, the best affordable 3D printer is one that can efficiently produce complex 3D designs, pre-production prototypes, and complete mechanisms.


3D printers are now more affordable than ever thanks to a wider acceptance and adaptation across many industries. In fact, the general market is experiencing such a huge influx of new 3D printer models at incredibly low, competitive prices for the number of features that they offer. Modern 3D printers are also easier to maintain and repair. Service options are also more widely available through companies specialising in servicing best affordable 3D printer models. With new designs, features, and models being released on a fairly regular basis, it won’t be surprising if 3D printers soon became common everyday household devices much like televisions and desktop computers.


When choosing the best affordable 3D printer for professional use, there are important printing attributes that you should look into, starting from the right print or build volume. The bigger the build volume of your chosen device, the larger the objects you can create. Today, the printer with the largest build area that is commercially available is an SLA printer that can print as large as 1m3 objects, while most desktop 3D printers have build volumes not exceeding 380 mm3. Other feature and design aspects you should pay close attention to include the printer’s printing speed, layer resolution, extruder type, connectivity, and other additional features like an on-board camera for monitoring print jobs, and its accompanying software or app for easy print setup.

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