Get CD/DVD Duplicators at a Reasonable Price

The need for digital content is growing at such a fast pace that it has now become wise to invest in CD/DVD duplicators rather than outsourcing to third parties. Companies that are involved in large amounts of printing and copying CDs and DVDs should buy their own CD/DVD duplicators rather than using a third party. An individual who wants to excel in the CDs and DVDs business can start with his own duplicators. There are many companies that sell duplicators in England but you should consider one with the most experience and whether or not their prices are reasonable.


Questions you should ask before buying CD/DVD duplicators


1.    How many discs do you require to produce in a day, week or month?


The number of discs that need to be printed will determine the size of the duplicator you require. If you produce a handful of discs every month, you may need a 1-drive, 3-drive or 5-drive duplicator. On the contrary, if you're producing discs in high volume, it is therefore recommended that you opt for a larger sized tower duplicator that can afford to produce a large volume of discs in up to 11 recording drives.


2.    Do you require an automated duplicator?


Automated CD/DVD duplicators can load a high volume of the discs. For example, 'Copy Disc' machines by Verity systems can record up to 220 discs at a time. On the other hand, machines from R-quest and Micro Boards can produce up to 1000 discs at a time. Automated burners are more expensive and larger than standard tower duplicators. You can save lots of time and labour costs with automated duplicators.


3.    What features do you require your duplicator comes with?


CDROM2GO offers around 40 different duplicator models to choose from. Whereas, Accutower copier offers high-end pioneer Serial ATA drives. An Accutower duplicator has the option of Blu-Ray upgrade at the time of purchasing the machine and also includes a hard drive to go with it. Alternatively, AV pro line duplicators are building to produce disc to disc copies affordably and reliably. You should choose a duplicator as per your needs and your budget.


4.    Does the duplicator come with any support?


Asides from considering the features and price of duplicators, support is also a very important part of buying a duplicator. Most of the tower duplicators are backed with a one year warranty and their suppliers can offer extended warranties. Ensure that you purchase from a company that provides full support to its customers.

When purchasing a CD/DVD duplicator, there may be many questions you have in mind. Therefore, it is wise that you go with a company like Ram Peripherals in UK. They provide a complete range of duplicators at reasonable prices and provide customers with 24/7 backend support. 

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