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How to choose the best ink for your printer

Printer Compatibility- First and the foremost thing are to check the ink compatibility of the printer. There are printers that require multiple cartridges but some printers require only one cartridge. So, you need to know what type of ink will be suited to your printer and you can ask your printer vendor when buying or by telling the model name to the customer care centre of the printer vendor company. It is not a difficult task.

XL v/s Standard Cartridge- If you require high volume printing, you should opt for XL ink cartridges and it will help you to not only save money but also time as well. On the other hand, standard cartridges help you to daily routine printing. For example, printing of some pages on daily basis, the standard cartridge will be suited to your printer.

Tri Color v/s Individual cartridge- Tri color and individual cartridge have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your usage of the printer and what you print. Tri color cartridge can be costly for you in the long run as the cartridge won’t work when one ink in the cartridge is empty and you have to throw the cartridge with the remaining ink in the two cartridges. On the other hand, individual cartridge is simple to insert and throw when it is completely empty.

Recycled Ink Cartridge- Eco friendly ink cartridge not only saves 50%-80% on your ink spending but also saves the environment on the earth. It produces same type of pages on the ink and some time it prints lesser pages.

Manufacturer Warranty- Most of the ink manufacturers provides product warranty to their customers. So, it is advisable to keep the ink packing in its original form and receipt and warranty card with you. So, you can bring the ink packing, receipt and warranty card for the replacement and can get your money back.

Test Your Ink Stability

  • Place small drop of ink on the TLC plate.
  • Drop the plate into the dish with small amount of water in it and don’t forget the water level should be above the ink dot.
  • Check the results after every 5 minutes until the 30 minutes pass.

If the ink is stable, you will see no sign of separation with dark color of the ink. TLC test shows the stability of the ink and if the ink is resisting separation, it means the ink is stable.

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