Know the Features of Brand New Ultimaker 3D printers

If 3D printing is your business, then you need heavy duty printers from Ultimaker. This Dutch company is known as a pioneer and leading manufacturer of some of the world’s best industrial grade desktop 3D printers widely used in the manufacturing industry. Ultimaker 3D printers are generally flexible, printing various types of 3D objects. They are famous for their accuracy and consistency - and that's why they are often the top choice of manufacturers that need to produce a large number of products in a day.

The latest addition to the series is the Ultimaker 3, which is by far the most reliable 3D printer that the company has ever made. Some of the best features of this brand-new model include the following:

  • Dual extrusions - The printer can use two reels of the filament at the same time. It also allows you to use 2 different materials or 2 filaments in different colours.
  • Swappable print cores - The package includes 3 print cores for PLA, ABS, and PVA water-soluble. No matter how intricate or complex the designs are, this printer is sure to produce the 3D objects accurately.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity - 3D printing is more manageable because of Wi-Fi connectivity. Through the Ultimaker app, you can monitor your prints and even control the settings of the printer.
  • Optimised Cooling System - The brand new Ultimaker 3D printer has a low-noise yet powerful fan system that minimises operation downtime and accelerates print runs.

Don't know where to buy 3D printers in the UK? Since Ultimaker is an international brand, it is available from many resellers across the globe. Be sure to buy from a local reseller to get the best value. Choose a supplier that does not only provide a warranty but also after-sales services and training. This way, in case your Ultimaker 3D printers encounters a problem, you can always ask for assistance from your supplier.

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