Knowing the Importance of Disc Publishing Media

A decade ago, it wasn’t uncommon for people to brag about their DVD and CD collections, but over the recent years, disc sales have been constantly droppingwhile streaming services continue to gain popularity, effectively displacing physical media. In this day and age of data streaming and cloud based everything, is there still room for compact discs and related media? How can space-consuming and dated CD collections compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime libraries that offer thousands of shows and films for a monthly subscription price that is less than the cost of one Blu-Ray movie?


Here’s a fact: Physical media is still superior to streaming services in terms of technical experience, and tech experts agree.Disc publishing remains a superior choice when it comes to picture and sound quality. Even the highest quality streaming is behind physical media on both ends. Picture and sound quality are arguably the most essential element of any home viewing experience—and physical media isn’t beholden to the whims and quirks of slow internet connections, website downtimes, and underpowered WIFI networks. Therefore, they are preferable most of the time, even over viewing high quality streaming content on new, HD TVs.


Streaming services also don’t quite deliver the latest and greatest in true surround sound technology, even with the right speaker set-up. The biggest problem with streaming is that it involves compressing picture and sound information to be more efficiently sent over the web. This is exactly what makes physical media far superior tostreaming on many fronts and ends.


Owning a physical copy of a film, music, or TV show that you love and enjoy also builds a kind of emotional and psychological connection that can be difficult to replicate with today’s cloud based services. There certainly is still a big room for CDs and disc publishing media in today’s increasingly online world.

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