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Professional 5410N

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The Rimage Professional™ 5410N is a compact, all-in-one solution designed specifically for front office settings. It offers an entry point into on-demand disc publishing, allowing single users or workgroups to create discs as easily as they print to the office printer, taking advantage of the convenience of an intelligent network appliance with professional print quality and hands-free operation.

The compact design of the 5410N makes it ideal for any office or workplace. The embedded control center allows the 5410N to be setup as a networked device and used by a large number of operators. Full color CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Discs™ are fast and easy to create. The integrated, state-of-the-art Rimage Everest™ thermal retransfer printer permanently fuses waterproof, scratchproof, photo-realistic images to the surface of the disc. It's faster and has a lower cost-per-disc than inkjet printers.

Integrated embedded computer The 5410N has a full-featured Windows 7 computer to enable networking, run local applications and maximize throughput. 

Small footprint 
The 5410N system is designed to tuck into tight spaces. Fewer cables and connections mean increased data throughput, faster disc production and a reduced overall footprint, when compared to a Rimage 3410. 

Network connectivity 
With an Ethernet connection, the networked 5410N system is as simple to use as a printer or copier. 

Integrated Printer 
Rimage's Everest™ 400 printer is the market's only fully integrated 400 dpi printer, providing indelible, high-resolution images and sharp, easy-to-read text. 

Unmatched performance 
The three-bin carousel enables three media types to run concurrently. Publish up to 18 full DVD-Rs (4.7 GB) and 30 full CD-Rs (700 MB) per hour with hands-free operation.

Product Options:

Professional 5410N with Everest 400 Printer (Win 7) - 2 BD

Professional 5410N with Everest 400 Printer (Win 7) - 2 CD/DVD