Replicator Mini+ Streamlines Desktop 3D Printing for Professionals and Educators

An update to the original Replicator Mini 3D printing machine from MakerBot, the Replicator Mini+ can easily be considered the best desktop 3D printer of its kind, offering a number of exciting enhancements that any 3D designer, product engineer, or creative minded hobbyist will appreciate. One of the main upgrades given by the Mini+ is its wireless connectivity, which allows for cordless printing as well as remote navigation and control. Install the MakerBot Desktop App or download the MakerBot Mobile app for easy and completely guided wireless setup. You don’t need advanced technical skills to do so; in fact, you should be able to get your machine up and running in minutes.


Undoubtedly the best desktop 3D printer you will find at its price range, the MakerBot Replicator Mini+ comes pre-assembled. This means that you never have to worry about building your 3D printer from a confusing kit. With the accompanying software app, you can easily use the printer straight from the box, allowing you to complete your first printing project without hassle. It is the perfect choice for architects, designers, hobbyists, as well as teachers and students who want to dig deeper into the world of 3D printing and designing.


If you are ever looking to find the best desktop 3D printer to suit your needs, look no further than the Replicator Mini+. This compact 3D printer is so sleek, it can fit into any office and onto almost any computer desk. Despite its small size, however, it doesn’t compromise on power and performance. In fact, the device features an updated smart extruder, which offers auto calibration and jam detection so print projects can be paused when a filament jam is detected. The printer will also auto-pause in the event that you run out of filament. Lastly, the on-board camera is useful for monitoring print jobs remotely through the very same app that you use for setting up and navigating print jobs.

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