Rimage Products: Another Name for Excellence

Rimage workflow-integrated digital publishing systems produce CDs, DVDs And Blu-ray Discs with customised material and durable colour or monochrome labels.  It has installed over 22,000 publishing systems in various countries throughout the world and has set a new bar for in-built digital publishing solutions.  The business was established in 1978 and produces optical disc publishing and printing hardware and provides related software, consumables, and services.


All media produced by Rimage is tested to determine that it consistently Performs according to expectations and it is backed by the Rimage Media Warranty.  It also has the Rimage stamp of approval.  A few of the products are:

  1.       Everest Thermal Retransfer Discs: These deliver brilliant colours which will not fade or smudge ever.  A retransfer utilised technology provides the highest resolution thermal disc printing in the industry.  Since exceptionally high heat levels are needed to achieve this, Rimage provides a specially formulated topcoat to the discs to safeguard the data from the extremely high temperatures.  The Everest 600 printer includes 600 dpi resolutions.  The price per disc is fixed.
  2.       Prism Direct Thermal Discs: The thermal printing technology used provides fast print times with the lowest price per print in the industry. Here, the print head is in physical contact with the media.  This requires a very smooth and flat surface to get excellent results and avoid damage to the print head.  The Prism III direct thermal printer prints black or black monochrome discs in under five seconds.  Each printer can also function as an Auto Printer model to deliver professional looking printed disc labels.
  3.       Inkjet Discs: They have an extremely high-quality recording coating to ensure reliable recording and playback.  In this series are included the Rimage Desktop 2000i, Rimage Allegro Series or the other inkjet publishing systems.  The Rimage Allegro disc publishing systems are incredibly affordable and ideal for low or moderate volume disc production.  All these are available as the Allegro 20 or even Allegro 100 model. They arrive in a very cost-effective bundle and include the Rimage software as well.  The discs are published with full-colour labels using the most recent generation of high-speed, high-quality inkjet printing.  The Allegro medical systems work well in healthcare facilities and offices, helping in reducing costs and increasing the overall efficiency.

Rimage products are cost-effective, of very high quality and improve the overall efficiency of a workplace.  In a world, that is getting increasingly digitised, and it makes Total business sense to make them an integral part of the workspace.

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