Top 5 Most Common Facts about CD Duplication Devices

There were days when Compact Discs were very famous and in high demand.  They had their very own aura -- purchase a brand-new CD, insert it into the CD drive and then burn it.  It had been an art that was not understood by everyone at the time.  Not long after, people started to learn about the art of CD duplication too. 

What is CD Duplication?

This is a process that is very similar to burning the CD or DVD in your computer or laptop.  A CD Duplication device will enable you to replicate all the content in the existing CD and paste it in the brand new, empty CD.  The original disc is known as the master disc, from which the data is extracted and copied.  

Here are some details about CD Duplication

  1.       This can be done at any time and anywhere, provided the machine has the facility of inserting CDs and burning them.  Unlike CD replication, it doesn't have to be done during manufacture only. 
  2.       If you go to a place where they have multiple CD Duplication units, they could burn hundreds of CDs at a time, whereas, in contrast, if you would like to do a CD Duplication in your home, you will have to do it one at a time.
  3.       The CD Duplication unit includes many towers which are linked to one another.  Each of these towers has several CD trays, meaning that a multitude CDs can go in at the same time.  This enables the Duplication unit to replicate many CDs and to copy multiple data at once
  4.       The time for the duplication to complete may vary dependent on the data workload. The data workload supported by these machines is enormous compared to a home computer, as it can convert approximately 5000 units.
  5.       The duplication device works at x8 speed, hence making the process quite quick and easy.  Each CD is burnt separately to ensure the data privacy.

These are a few commonly known facts about CD duplication. If you think you don't have the expertise to do it yourself, then you can always go to a duplication centre and ask for their help and services.  The CDs have printable materials on it so that following duplication, you can print and stick notes on them as well, for your reference.

Now that you understand more about this topic, make sure you don't let anyone cheat you about CD duplication.  Get the best services with this specific knowledge on CD Duplication.

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