Use Rimage Services for More Reliable and Effective Technology Products

Rimage is a global industry leader in digital publishing. A pioneer innovator in the field of on-demand CD, DVD, Blu-ray and other forms of digital publishing, Rimage has way over 22,000 workflow-integrated systems under their belt. The company’s innovative solutions continue to provide support and services to a wide range of businesses and verticals around the world, from day-to-day digital and disc publishers to organisationsthat print and duplicate different types of media as essential components of their operations.


Rimage has been around since 1978, and since then, it has continued to be a leader and proprietor of different kinds of optical disc printing and publishing hardware, including related software, services, and consumables. Throughout its long history, the company has boasted best-in-class time-workflow integrated services and solutions that benefit a wide variety of markets, industries, and applications. In addition to the high-quality hardware systems, media kits, peripherals, and supplies that they offer, Rimage also offers an entire range of support services including:


  • Auto Loader and Printer Support, including firmware, documentation, and video support for your Desktop, Producer, and/or Professional Systems, along with Everest Prism and 480i printer product support
  • Software Suite Support, including service packs, relevant downloads and essential documents for your existing Rimage Software Suite, installations, and product types
  • Software Solutions Support, including service packs, documents, and downloads for Rimage Solutions Software, Simple Authoring, Surveillance Software, EDS, and CopyStation
  • Service Offerings and Information Support, including service parts lists, maintenance and installation offerings, frequently asked questions, and end of service (EOS) information.
  • Environmental Safety and Compliance, including certifications, regulatory, safety and compliance information for different disc publishing products, services, and consumables.


Clients can also rely on “100% Uptime” when using Rimage’s complete array of value added services and solutions, which can be integrated to help maintain service consistency, operational efficiency, technical management, and quick customer response.

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