Where to Look for the Best 3D Printer Supplies in the UK

Ever since Chuck Hull invented it, 3D printing has been taking the world by storm. It is now widely utilised by manufacturing industries for creating and replicating all kinds of products, including toys. 3D printers are also widely used in the fields of medicine, infrastructure, and food. Even hobbyists have them at home and use them for their personal projects.

3D printers require specific materials for different applications. Unlike 2D printers that only need an ink cartridge and paper, 3D printers should be connected to a spool of plastic filaments, rubber, or metal. These materials come in different colours and sizes.

Consumer 3D printers with FDM technology require ABS, PLA, or PVA filaments, which are the most common types of 3D printer supplies in the UK. Their costs range from £9 to £50 per kilogram, depending on the brand and quality of filament that you will choose. Most of the time, manufacturers of 3D printers also sell filaments. If you want to make sure that the material is going to be compatible with the printer, then this is the most likely option. However, as you’ve probably guessed, their tags are quite expensive.

The good news is that you have other options. Instead of directly sourcing the best 3D printer supplies in the UK from the manufacturer, you can buy on secondary markets. If you will search further, you will discover that aside from Amazon and Walmart, there is a wide range of online sellers and suppliers to choose from.

Buying your supplies from an online printing supplies shop has many advantages. They are more reliable because they have knowledge about the quality of filaments they sell. Hence, they can help you decide which brand or type to use for your printing project. They could also offer after-sales technical support.

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